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Jorax Pharma Jorax online Supplement shop is an indigenous Pharmaceutical firm that utilizes new trends to make accessible quality and reliable health care products and services to Nigerians at the comfort of their homes. You can Trust Jorax!

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WELLOVIT-OMEGA softgel Capsules...

₦ 2,499.99 ₦ 2,699.99

Anurex A Medical Device for the man...

₦ 9,499.99 ₦ 9,999.99

Jorax Pharma was motivated into existence to solve the following challenges:

  • I need a supplement but I do not know where to buy original and reliable one
  • I need a supplement but I do not have time to visit a Pharmacy shop for one
  • I do not know the type of supplement that suits my condition
  • I need a professional to guide my choice of a supplement and that of my family members

Jorax is committed to solving the above problems within the shortest spce of time.

In Jorax, we are concerned with quality and reliability of products. Jorax Pharma sources products from approved and reputable pharmaceutical companies in the country and abroad.

Products purchased from Jorax are quality guaranteed. We offer consultancy services as well for persons who need advice and support in choosing supplements that suit their condition and desired health benefits. 

Jorax team is made up of health professionals like Pharmacists, Physicians, Dieticians, Physiotherapist and Psychologists E. t. c. These professionals are always there to offer you advice and answer to your questions when needed. T&C apply.


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