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Boqer friendship bracelets. This bracelet comes in different sizes and designs. (Custom designs will be delivered in three days)

Boqer friendship bracelets is a designed for friends with the finest of beads adorning the wrists beautifully. The bracelet is worn between friends. Makes each day a memory to share.

₦ 599.99

Boqer paracord bracelets. This bracelets comes in different colours shapes and designs. P

Boqer paracord bracelets are a designed from the best paracords with beautiful designs that capture the eye. Carefully made with special equipment. These designs are rare to see and are worth the value.

₦ 499.99

Boqer Royalty bracelets comes in silver heads which is in different sizes and designs.

Boqer royalty bracelets have a tinge of royalty attached to them. Adorning the wrist with a royalty bracelets adds prestige to the wrists. It can be worn by both genders making and giving feel of royalty.

₦ 999.99

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