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Century Century 5000W TUB 5KVA Stabilizer, 5000VA Capacity Stabilizer For very large chest freezers and Air conditioners (split units) Output: 230V, 50hz

Most appliances do not last long because of fluctuation in voltage. Voltage is the requirement of any electronic device and proper voltage distribution is also necessary because any fluctuation in current flow may be harmful for your appliances and you can lose money. Now you have an option of using this Century Stabilizer to help soften any ups and downs in voltage.

₦ 32,499.99

Century AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILIZER CVR TUB 1500VA, Capacity: 1500 VA For Lcd TVs, Fans, Home Theater, computers, 1HP Fridge Output 230V 50hz Delay Mechanism for extra protection.

Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR TUB 1500VA will help protect your home and office appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. With the kind of erratic power supply that happens without notice, If your appliance is connected to this stabilizer, the voltage from public power will enter into the stabilizer and it will carry out any regulation that needs to be done before sending the power to the device.

₦ 12,499.99

Century 1000W TUB 1KVA Stabilizer, 1000VA Capacity Stabilizer For TVs, Home Theatre, Fans, Computers and small One Horsepower Fridges, Output: 230V,50hz

Century 1000W TUB Stabilizer will help protect your home and office appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. It is specially made to tackle low voltage, high voltage and power fluctuation. It is suitable for various types of appliances ranging from TV, washing machines, refrigerator, computers, and air conditioners and more. It is very efficient and it will make your appliances to work better.

₦ 9,499.99

Century 2000W TUB 2KVA Stabilizer, 2000VA Capacity Stabilizer For Large Fridges and Chest Freezers Output: 230V, 50hz

Century 2000W TUB Stabilizer has a capacity of 2000VA and an output of 230V and is ideal for Large Fridges and Chest Freezers. It also has delay mechanism for extra protection of your appliances and complete output regulation. Get Durability with Century stabilizers

₦ 14,999.99

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