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Pressure pot Eurosonic,This Pressure Cooker will cook your food faster than the regular cooking pot.

Select from a wide range of Unique products on Ogwugo and enjoy convenient and secure online shopping, nationwide delivery, guaranteed products and competitive pricing. This Pressure Cooker will cook your food faster than the regular cooking pot.

₦ 21,999.99

Ceramic dish,The Ceramic dismakes a nice serving set for pleasant occasions. It has high Quality

The Ceramic dis makes a nice serving set for pleasant occasions, such as enjoying tapas dishes with friends or for a cozy breakfast where it can hold. The white ceramic dish is very light to carry about. @Ogwugo you can find all the kitchen accessories you need very affordable.

₦ 9,999.99

Dish plate for preservation,serving of different type of meal.It is easy to handle or carry about.

For the uniquely organised kitchen,visit Ogwugo and you wont have any regret. The best way to make your cooking and serving of your guest easy. It simply makes your food attractive.It comes in the different type of color.It can easily be washed, beautiful design and excellent

₦ 24,999.99

Shimizu dish sets,It is white in color and easy to carry.Makes your cooking and serving easy.

Preserves your food better. Contemporary designs for a modern kitchen. Food warms quickly and retains heats well. handles will not heat up. suitable for all cooking sources. We can guarantee you safe delivery without stress

₦ 99,999.99

Elegant electric kettle,This kettle is fitted with a concealed element due which it can be used for

This kettle is Ideal for home, showrooms, offices, students in hostels & travel purpose. Cool touch Easy to carry handle, attractive colored body. This kettle is fitted with a concealed element due which it can be used for making tea, coffee, boiling milk, boing water, boiling eggs and can even be used for preparing selected food items like Maggi noodles.

₦ 6,999.99

Beautiful flower vase.It adds beauty to decoration makes your environment attractive.

The product is a well decorative vase made of high quality material. You can Place the glass vase in the bedroom, living room, office. It will be more beautiful and eye-catching if you put some cobbles into it It helps beautify and purify your house or office, a good decoration for you A great gift to send your friend, relatives and colleague etc

₦ 99,999.99

Swan electric kettle,it can boil upto six pints of water in nine minutes.Suitable for our home.

Are you a smart Ogwugo shopper? Smart Ogwugo shoppers don’t just buy only 1 item from our store (Mignon). Since shipping cost would remain the same, they maximise the value from it by adding onto their cart, more units of other great value imported kitchen items from our store.

₦ 6,999.99

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