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Soft Drinks Showing some of 11 products

5alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Pet Drink with 40cl bottle size Coca Cola brand.

5Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink is a naturally refreshing juice drink with real juice and orange pulp, consumers can see and feel. Research shows that it has the highest overall liking from a range of samples that were tested Five Alive is available in mono juice - Apple and Orange and blends - Citrus Burst, Berry Blast and Pineapple Punch

₦ 299.99

RIBENA Tasty Juicy Black currant pet drink with a bottle size of 50cl

This is an exotic energy drink and very refreshing and good when you need energy on the go and enhances your overall body performance. It contains essential vitamins and minerals the body needs. It also suits every occasion when served or taken. It has a satisfying taste that will always keep you asking for more.

₦ 349.99

Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Pet Drink 40cl Bottle Size. Rich in Vitamin C and E

Five Alive Orange Fruit drink Pulpy Orange comes in an attractive stylish pack that lets you grab it to quench your thirst. It is ideal for people with healthy eating habit as it will be a benefit to your well being while enhancing the taste of your food

₦ 249.99

Chilled Carbonated Pepsi pet soft drink. This product is crisp, smooth and refreshing

Pepsi is an internationally recognized carbonated cola drink offering great taste and refreshment.It is one of the best-known, most-loved and leading soft drinks. Order now and we deliver it to you wherever and whenever

₦ 199.99

Fayrouz sparkling Soft Drink 33cl bottle size x 24 bottles in a crate

Fayrouz is an exotic soft drinks with a uniquely blend of natural fruits like pear and pineapple to give it a natural fruit blend. It is produced with Sparkling Water, a natural fruit of pear or pineapple and malt.

₦ 1,699.99

Lucozade Energy Boost Plastic Bottle Pet soft Drink with a bottle size of 50cl

Lucozade is a soft drink marketed as a range of sports and energy drinks. Created in 1927 as "Glucozade" by a Newcastle pharmacist, William Owen, as an energy source for the sick, it was renamed Lucozade in 1929 and acquired by Beecham's in 1938

₦ 349.99

Chilled Carbonated Coca-cola pet soft drink. This product is crisp, smooth and refreshing. "TASTE THE FEELING"

Coca-Cola is a smooth and refreshing drink that goes along with any meal. Order now for your refreshing coke and taste the feeling. You do not have to move a muscle we will bring it right where you are from ogwugo

₦ 199.99

Lucozade Sport Orange Body Fuel Isotonic Plastic Bottle Pet Soft Drink 50 cl Bottle size

This is an exotic energy drink and a isotonic Performance Fuel. Enhance hydration, fuel performance. Rehydrates, fuels and restores better than water. Oder yours now and have it delivered to your door step

₦ 349.99

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