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D-Link Direct SIM Router.

Used for internet connection and can easily connect to 32 systems.

₦ 29,999.99

16-Port TP Link Switch.

Used for all your internet and networking needs.

₦ 7,999.99

Airtel MiFi (Can take all sim cards be it Glo or MTN).

Airtel MiFi for all your Internet connections and can take all sim cards, giving you the speed you need to surf the web.

₦ 12,899.99

Sandisk 32GB Dual Flash Drive.

Used for the transfer and storage of files.

₦ 4,499.99

8-Ports TP Link Switch.

TP Link Switch 8-Port is a very good quality TP link product for internet connections.

₦ 2,999.99

Lion Blower for Computer and Accessories.

Used for blowing off dust from your Desktop Computers for maximum performance of your pc.

₦ 4,499.99

Smart Watch with adequate memory card space.

Used for making and receiving calls, checking time, has a SIM space and for storage of files.

₦ 2,899.99

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