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Baby Boys Fashion Showing some of 5 products

Mars Jones is worn with Bakolism Jean for your cute baby boy.

The price is for both outfits. Show your son love. It is for kids between the age of 10-12 months. It is made of high-quality materials, Soft hand feeling, no any harm to your baby's skin.

₦ 9,499.99

F&S Jean+Seven eagle printed for boys.The F&S is a designer that is worn throughout the world.They are popularly known for their unique style and readiness to production

Express them without saying a word, choose what works best for your kids. Shop @Ogwugo and you will never have a cause for regret. We are ready to deliver your order at your convenience.

₦ 4,499.99

Kvk baby boy cloth is a designer that is virtually worn by lovely babies all over the world.

This cloth is worn by kids between the ages of 10-12 months.The above price is for both cloths.Where are our lovely parents make your baby boy happy by purchasing this lovely dress only @OGWUGO

₦ 8,499.99

Lucky Camo,These Lucky camo Fashion shoe is a good addition to your wardrobe

They’re crafted with Textile Upper and will complement most outfits. It is affordable. IT is comfortable to wear.It can be worn for several occasions.

₦ 7,999.99

Xzone pollow is worn with blue jean,It is for kids between 6-10mnths.

The price is for both dresses.Shop now @ Ogwugo!!!! This set will look good on your boy especially at a celebrated age and for a cherished son. It is made of high-quality materials, Soft hand feeling, no any harm to your baby's skin.

₦ 7,499.99

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