Refrigerator is a basic necessity in every home. Deciding on a refrigerator brand, capacity and model type depends on various factors like number of people in your house, food habits, how often you shop to stock your fridge etc.

Capacities are important but before that consider the space available. Measure the dimensions of the area where you plan to keep the fridge and then make sure the fridge is couple of inches less in size, so that it fits in properly. Also make sure there is space to move around it, for easy access and for the unit to remit generated heat for best performance.

Storage requirements

•  For a family of 2, fridge having capacity of 175/185 should be adequate
•  A family of 4, fridge having 250 to 300L capacity should be adequate
•  A family of 6 should consider a larger sized fridge (300 to 350L).